Distinctive Edge

Design and Product Development

We have a team of senior designers specialising in various products with their juniors and assistants forming a strong design team, with focus on various markets across the world. Tie ups with some of the best design institutes in the country also help us to constantly push the limits of our creative and design abilities.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is one of the most significant aspects at hoc-age. A team of detail oriented, quality conscious individuals contributes towards quality control, offering smooth operations and streamlined dispatches as well as ensuring on-time deliveries. Each process of our manufacturing activity is done in-house and our chain of operations is very strongly forward and backward integrated.

Work Culture

Our approach focuses on specialization of work. All of our departments are professionally managed by qualified and experienced people, who are most suitable for their responsibilities. All manufacturing units are headed by textile engineers. Quality checks are maintained at every step of the production process.

'Nothing ends at hoc-age, it begins, it progresses and it continues to grow.'